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Who We Are The who, what and why our company exists

We are Syrup and Salt, an always passionate, award winning design agency who loves to design kick-ass brands. See below for more information, we are certain you will be interested in working with us.

We Transform Brands

Sometimes you just do not start out right. Perhaps the design isn't meeting your expectations. Never settle for mediocore. Let us brand your new business or rebrand an existing one. Never to late for a refresh. If your business is failing we can help!

We Build Great Products

From Industrial design, interior design and great branding. We never put our name on junk. We build superior products for our clients.

We're Passionate

As much as you love your brand, so do we. We strive to bring your identity alive with our vision.

Awesome Support

Hire professionals. Don't rely on the teenager in his room, coding your site, that never gets it done.

Meet Our Team

Each individual plays a great role in the development of our company. All their contributions are worth more than GOLD, making them an invaluable asset to Syrup and Salt.

Vanessa Vy

Creative Director

Accomplished Senior Director, of high integrity, with 12 years of experience and a proven track record for creating campaigns for new and already recognized brands. Created over 30 brands from start to finish. Passionate about process of product creation, from conceptualizing of the design to the finished product. Finalist for Sophie Awards, skillfully able to adapt to a wide diversity of client demands. Strong, effective leader who excels in communication, directing and working with creative teams, inspiring them to complete highest-quality and most innovative product for clients. Track record of producing excellent finished products under even the tightest deadlines. Also loves Armani, Bimmers and a damn good bloody mary (no celery).

The Creative Director of Syrup and Salt. Creative Director of MuzzleShot LLC and Leitner-Wise, MFG LLC.

Paul Leitner-Wise

Lead Industrial Designer & Engineer

Bringing over 25 years of Industrial Design experience to the team, Paul is a genuine multi-faceted creative. From running his own award-winning Design Agency in London, England to spending four years in the former Soviet Union, driving across the Sahara Desert, motor racing and power boating, Paul brings a unique and in-depth knowledge to bear on the projects he handles. An accomplished product developer himself with seven published patents and his work cited in 86 others, his knowledge is utilized by clients that need the level of detail that our work is known for. With over 260,000 Twitter followers, Paul has a dramatic social media reach which can be used to help clients establish a presence, while his love of fine watches, Armani suits and good whiskey means meetings never get boring

Carrie Anne Peeler

SEO Lead /Strategic Planner

With five years of global Search Engine Optimization experience for Fortune 1,000 companies along with site transition, launch, and redesign capabilities. Blends a background in development, coding, data and insights, analysis, and marketing, with a strong drive for overcoming challenges and surpassing goals. All of this means our clients benefit from this and our anti-agency culture that strives to take different approaches to solving problems. Enjoys building relationships with clients as a charismatic and fun loving individual with an incredibly awesome and equally charismatic toy poodle named Rambo, whom only our most special clients get to meet. Carrie Anne is also Google Adwords Qualified and Google Analytics IQ Certified. LinkedIn Profile


More About Us

Our Culture

What sets us apart from the rest is... we aren't blowing smoke up your ass or sugar coating what needs to be done. If your brand sucks, we want to fix it. If you are smiling, we are happy. If you are not, then we are far from done. We also have cool flasks!

189 Bloody Mary's Consumed
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Our Services From branding to industrial design and more, we love what we do and we promise to give you the best or die trying!


Branding is our speciality. We hate to see bad branding. We are here to build you a new one or rebrand.

Web Design

Web Design, Marketing, and website analytics are one of our hidden expertise.

Interior Design and Restaurant Branding

We're not only good at designing digital goodies, we've also lots of experience in print design.

Industrial Design

Not only can we brand your company, we can design your product.


We make you and your product look good through the lens. From storyboarding to photoshoots and wardrobe.

Social Media

Social Media is sometimes overwhelming. We can take care of all those time sucking social media apps off your plate.

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We have worked with some kick-ass brands, along with photographers, artists, bloggers, and entrepreneurs.

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